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General Specifications

Parameter Value
Sustained/peek performance 6.9 petaflops/10.1 petaflops
Number of compute nodes/CPUs/cores 960 nodes, 1920 CPUs AMD Epyc 7H12, 122.000 cores
Number of GPU nodes/GPUs 60 GPU nodes, 240 GPUs NVidia A100 with 40 GB HBMI2, 120 CPUs AMD Epyc 7H12, 7680 CPU cores
CPU Partition 768 nodes with 256 GB, 192 nodes with 1 TB of RAM DDR4-3200, local 1.92 TB M.2 SSD
GPU Partition 60 nodes with 512 GB of RAM DDR4-3200, local 1.92 TB M.2 SSD
Storage High-Performance Storage Tier (HPST): 10 DDN Exascaler ES400NVX (NVMe disks), usable capacity 1 PB, Large-Capacity Storage Tier (LCST): 61 storage nodes, 23 PB Raw, 18 PB Usable
Login and virtualization nodes 4 CPU login nodes, 4 GPU login nodes, 30 virtualization nodes
External interface NorduGrid ARC
Rescource manager and scheduling Slurm
Virtualization software Red Hat Virtualization
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Software and RunTimeEnvironment Modules / Singularity