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The software is available as loadable Modules. The modules allow a set of combinations of different versions of the software. The latter allows users greater dynamism and the ability to load and prepare the environment according to your needs. Users can request additional module. Please contact our support.

List of available modules:

module avail

Display information of the selected module:

module whatis <modul>
module whatis openmpi/

Search for the desired module:

module keyword <modul>
module keyword openmpi/

Loading the selected module:

module load <modul>
module load openmpi

To change the software version of the module:

module switch <gcc> <gcc/new-version>

List of loaded or currently active modules:

module list

Remove all loaded modules:

module purge

Remove and then load all loaded modules:

module reload

Remove selected module:

module unload <modul>
module unload openmpi

Help for the selected module or software:

module help <modul>
module help openmpi/

Additional commands can be found in the help section:

module help

Missing or want to add additional paths?

module use /path/to/modulefiles

Enabling EESSI environment:

source /cvmfs/

For more information, refer to the official documentation: